Sunlike Industries

Sunlike Industries
About Sunlike Industries We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporters of high and standard quality surgical instruments, specialist in Dental Instruments, Optical tools & Instruments, Manicure & pedicure Instruments, Hair Extension tools and scissors of all sorts. We manufacturing under the Shadow of ISO 9001-2000, ISO 13485 and CE Mark and other certifications Approval. At Sunlike Industries, we incorporated over 42 years of manufacturing experience to produce high quality tools. Our skilled technicians begin with fine grade of stainless steel and handcraft them into instruments of perfect quality. A combination of traditional manufacturing methods and modern technology helps us to produce all the products at very affordable prices. Our company is well equipped with modern machinery. We have skilled and powerful setup to fulfill all the demands in time. They are Exceptional Instruments renowned the world over for their precision performance longevity reliable and uncompromising Quality. Our Instruments Have; 1. Precision 2. Excellent corrosion resistance 3. Longevity 4. Superb finish 5. reliability Stainless Steel: We are using top quality medical grade stainless steel with defined specifications to produce our high quality products. We mostly use the Surgical steel. We always maintain the customers specified hardness of the instruments, and provide the instruments in all finish types like Satin. Mirror, Sand Blast etcTo further ensure the quality of our instruments, we perform all the requisite tests including Hardness Test, Boil Test, CuSO4 Test and all else deem necessary. We use best quality steel in production. Our entire stainless steel instruments are100% guaranteed RUST or CORROSION free for life time. Laser Marking System: We are also pleased to state that our company is using the sophisticated technology of Laser Marking to mark their instruments. It will give you a better idea about what sophisticated technology we use, and how much we are advance in producing instruments. BRAND: Our brand name is Sunlike Industries marked on each instrument. However, customers specific demand their logo or name is also printed on instruments. New or Modified Products: SUNLIKE INDUSTRIES. is always ready to produce new products according to modern techniques. So, we encourage you to forward us your master samples /drawings enabling us to make instrument according to demand and submit sample for approval. Quality Warranty: SUNLIKE INDUSTRIES. offers 3 year's quality Warranty on its instruments. Free replacement is offered in case of any manufacturing defect or fault, though there are almost nil chances of such happening. Order Quantity: The Minimum and Maximum orders are accepted. Minimum orders (below US$ 500/- would be executed on FOB basis). How to Order: Please select the instruments numbers or Category Name you want to order from our catalogs or web and e-mail us for quotations. We'll respond your inquiries within 24 hours. Prices: Prices are carefully prepared, competitive, and affordable DISTRIBUTORS PRICE LIST. It contain on general Surgical, Dental instruments Optical and All our Categories, items which are not quoted from out catalog will be quoted on demand. LABELLING: Each instrument is labeled with its product code and description for easy identification of the different kinds of items of the order. Easy Access: Now you can access us through Internet by visiting our web sites & to get information you require or contact directly to us. For Direct E-mail Us at , or call us at +92-52-3550840 We are looking for new business friends, whole sellers, retailers or established commission agents with which we can establish a long lasting business relations and we assure of our best cooperation in all respect. For any further information and discussion on the possibility of having business with us please feel free to contact us through any communication media of your choice. We invite you to work with us and see the difference.

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Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot, Pakistan. Ph:+92-52-3550840, Fax:+92-52-3553736, Cell:+92-321-8718711 SKYPE: TAHIRMIR22 Email: URL: ISO Certified 9001 : 2000 13485 : 2003 FDA & MDA Approved Fulfilling CE Mark


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